- Image Compression

Compress your images and download them easily.

Effortlessly compress JPG and PNG images in your browser. Private and offline image compression with unlimited capabilities. respecting your privacy and does all the work locally

No Limits

Unlike other services, our tool has no limits on the number or size of images you can compress. Compress as many images as needed, regardless of dimensions or sizes, for any project scale.

Environmentally Friendly

Our serverless image compression ensures privacy and reduces environmental impact. Without external servers, we cut energy use and carbon footprint. Count on efficient, eco-conscious image compression.

Your Privacy Matters

Your privacy matters. Our compression operates solely on your browser, safeguarding images from external servers. Your images stay private and secure during compression. Feel confident in using our tool for compression with full data control.

What is Image Compression?

Image compression reduces file size while maintaining visual quality. Techniques and algorithms remove unnecessary data while preserving details. Compression optimizes storage, speeds transmission, and enhances user experience, crucial for storing, transmitting, or displaying numerous images.

Why Use Image Compression?

Image compression shrinks image file sizes without major quality loss. This speeds up site loading, cuts bandwidth use, and betters user experience. For developers optimizing websites or regular users saving space and sharing images effectively, compression brings diverse advantages.

How We Compress Images?

Our compression employs advanced algorithms and browser tech for efficient, high-quality results. On image upload, our tool auto-analyzes and optimally compresses to cut size while keeping visuals intact. This means fast, trustworthy browser-based compression, no external servers, no privacy compromise.